What technical writers want you to know

What technical writers want you to know

The article is based on interesting things I noticed on my daily job, working as a technical writer in an engineering department. Read the full story What Technical Writers Want You to Know.

Your technical writing team is on a never-ending mission to gather, organize, and present information for diverse readers. This is a challenge if, like me, you’re working on a team that creates documentation for enterprise developers. The team extends its expertise far beyond the common misconception that technical writers sit all day in a room and write. We gather information, keep track of the projects, we learn about new technologies, take notes, file bugs, and participate in many Sprint Reviews. We code our own publishing tools and develop prototypes, talk to dozens of developers, product owners, product managers, and end-users. When we write, it’s usually a smaller chunk of our time.

  1. Don’t correct grammar or punctuation.
  2. Pay attention to technical accuracy.
  3. If you write your own drafts, keep them short and informative.
  4. Don’t forget that your tech writers might also be subject matter experts.
  5. Keep in mind that documentation is part of the product.
  6. Appreciate the fact that you don’t have to write end-user documentation.

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