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  • Physics of Speech

    Once set in a vibratory motion, the vocal folds create a series of movement within the vocal tract above the larynx (the rate at which vocal folds vibrate is recognized as the fundamental frequency of sound). An object will increase the vibrations [2] that are close to its own natural frequencies.  In speech, some frequencies are dampened, […]

  • The Euclidean Distance in Diphthongs – R Graph and Code

    Representing and plotting a distance in F1/F2 graph, in terms of the Euclidean distance, is relatively easy in R. This post shows one of the ways of achieving that. First, we provide a sample data, which consists of F1 and F2 values for two diphthong targets.  Then, draw the diphthong positions with their starting and […]

  • The Number of Diphthongs in the English Language

    This text lists three sources (Daniel Jones, J. D. O’Connor and A. C. Gimson) about the English diphthongs in British English/Received Pronunciation.  This is a simplified classification and by no means complete. For greater details about the English diphthongs see this post. The most detailed overview gives Jones (1975), who lists the important and less important […]