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  • Some Definitions of Vowel Sounds

    Vowels are speech sounds (1) during whose production “the tongue is held at such a distance from the roof of the mouth that there is no perceptible frictional noise” and “a resonance chamber is formed which modifies the quality of tone” (Jones, Pronunciation 12). Gimson defines vowels (2) as a “category of sounds … normally […]

  • Physics of Speech

    Once set in a vibratory motion, the vocal folds create a series of movement within the vocal tract above the larynx (the rate at which vocal folds vibrate is recognized as the fundamental frequency of sound). An object will increase the vibrations [2] that are close to its own natural frequencies.  In speech, some frequencies are dampened, […]

  • Formant synthesis application

    Jonas Beskow at the Centre for Speech Technology KTH Stockholm wrote free Formant Synthesis Demo computer programme that runs on Windows and Linux (and on any other OS for which the application can be compiled from the open source code the author kindly uploaded). The programme synthesises F1, F2, F3 and F4 formants from several sources […]