BBC Teaches Languages – For Free

I was more than happy when I discovered this language-learning online paradise. Not only it is free – it is from BBC, and available in: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Greek and Chinese. The site offers Online Courses, with special attention payed to culture of the country where the language is spoken. Some of the content is grouped into Intermediate and Beginner sections, so you can learn in your own rhythm. If you plan to travel to one of the countries, you will find weather information and, what is more important, Quick Fix – Essential holiday phrases.

The visitors will appreciate Steps, full-scale multimedia language course for free. For example, Italian Steps is available as 12 weeks course grouped around everyday communication topics. Every lesson is summerised with useful revisions in form of Challenges.

Language test
A language test: multiple choice.
Welcome in Italian
Welcome in Italian

No matter whether you would like to refresh you foreign language knowledge, learn new stuff or just for kicks sound Greek – BBC Languages is not to be missed easily because of its linguistic richness and modern approach.