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KVocTrain – free vocabulary training the Linux way

Linux software often means free software, and KVocTrain is not an exception. This program is well known to Linux users seeking e-learning tools, and there is a good reason: this is a great vocabulary trainer. This text will not be an extensive tutorial on how to use KVocTrain, but a simple introduction to this useful language learning application.

Update: KvocTrain is no longer maintained. Initially, it was part of KDE Education Software, but it was later replaced by Parley or KWordWiz.

The installation of KVocTrain on Ubutu Linux was very simple: you will find the program in Add/Remove Software, under Education section. After the installation, run the program from Applications > Education. A vocabulary trainer is not useful without a dictionary, and luckily, the program allows download of some pretty useful dictionaries.

KVocTrain allows many dictionary types
KVocTrain supports many dictionary types

In the above example, words for the SAT preparation are installed. This dictionary contains over 5000 entries the program uses to test your knowledge. However, before the testing begins, you must set the number of entries per lesson (Vocabulary > Assign Lessons). There is one more required option which tells the program how many lessons to display in a single session. Go to Settings > Configure KVocTrain > Threshold > Lesson settings.

KVocTrain allows different types of “flash-cards”: multiple choice, synonyms, antonyms, entering definitions, part of speech, etc. However, this is available if it is supported by a dictionary you have downloaded (or created yourself). In our example, I have selected Learning > Word > Create multiple choice > From definition:

Multiple choice questions
Multiple choice questions

Or, you can make questions that require typing in of the answer:

KVocTrain - Random Query
KVocTrain - Random Query

Aside from use as a language learning application, KVocTrain can be used to devise non-language  tests, such as for music or anatomy (there are tests ready for download in the program). With high-quality dictionaries easily available in the program’s options this software is a great tool to improve your language.

Get KVocTrain from Add/Remove Dialogue in your Linux distribution, or visit KVocTrain Homepage.

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