Pronunciation is a physical exercise

If you’re learning a foreign language it helps to understand that pronunciation is a physical process, and that dealing with the way speech sounds are created makes you aware of how to improve your diction and accent. Learning about how articulators (speech organs) interact in the sounds of foreign language can greatly improve the pronunciation. […]

Language software Reviews

KVocTrain – free vocabulary training the Linux way

Linux software often means free software, and KVocTrain is not an exception. This program is well known to Linux users seeking e-learning tools, and there is a good reason: this is a great vocabulary trainer. This text will not be an extensive tutorial on how to use KVocTrain, but a simple introduction to this useful […]

Are your language errors fossilized?

Your language slips may be relics from the beginning stages of your learning, lurking like some ancient fossils. Have no fear, because language science has an explanation. Fossilized errors are quite common: they are incorrect forms that you have learned, if native speaker, probably as a child, or, if English is your foreign language, during […]