Coding projects

Jotpub is a website I developed to assist creation of language/grammar tests. Users can create, solve, share, and export PDF version of the tests.

R-diphthongs-sr-en is a code collection of tools I developed for my MA thesis. If takes raw data parsed by an automated Praat instance, which is then fed to R code. You can find more about tools I used here, and my MA paper in experimental phonetics is here.

Srmorph is a two-part project. The first is something I call Pythonic experiments in Serbian morphology. The second part of the project is the site which represents the interface to the data and analysis.

Dtknv is a small tool to convert Cyrillic DOCX/OTD (MS Word, Open Document) documents into its Latin script versions. The code is here and the page in Serbian is also available.

pyLatinam was one of my first projects in Python. It deals with declension and conjugation of Latin words.

FONRYE is a nice example in Python of how phonetic and hyphenation dictionaries can be joined to make a tool that searches for matches that meet criteria for a creation of recorded phonetic data.

SNTRecorder is a tool in Python/Tk that I wrote to assist students in the recording of the sound data. It allowed them to speak in their own pace, while maintaining a uniform overall speed.