Coding projects

R-diphthongs-sr-en is a code collection of tools I developed for my MA thesis. If takes raw data parsed by an automated Praat instance, which is then fed to R code. You can find more about tools I used  and download my MA paper in experimental phonetics.

FONRYE is an example of how phonetic and hyphenation dictionaries can be joined to make a tool that searches for matches that meet criteria for making recorded phonetic data.

SNTRecorder is a tool in Python/Tk that I wrote to assist students in the recording of the sound data. It allowed them to speak in their own pace, while maintaining a uniform overall speed.

Srmorph is about Serbian language morphology.

Dtknv is a small tool to convert Cyrillic DOCX/OTD (MS Word, Open Document) documents into its Latin script versions.

pyLatinam was one of my first projects in Python. It’s about declension and conjugation of Latin words.