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  • Phonetic Reader – Improve Your Pronunciation and Prosody

    Phonetic readers contain phonetically transcribed texts which you have to read properly. Not only you have to know how to pronounce phonemes, but you also have to pay attention to prosody, that is, to the rhythm, stress, and intonation of your utterance (spoken sentence). During my English Language studies one book was very useful in […]

  • Pronunciation is a physical exercise

    If you’re learning a foreign language it helps to understand that pronunciation is a physical process, and that dealing with the way speech sounds are created makes you aware of how to improve your diction and accent. Learning about how articulators (speech organs) interact in the sounds of foreign language can greatly improve the pronunciation. […]

  • Top Five English Phonetic (Phonemic) Charts

    Phonetic transcription that is included in quality dictionaries is great, but what use of the transcription if you do not know phonetic alphabet? We have selected for you five places with free interactive content, perfect for quick reference. The list is based on several evaluation points, including free use, interactivity, outlay and offline content. Our […]