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  • Impressive, free (and dated) JLU’s language learning resourcess

    The Joint Language University (JLU) provides free downloadable language courses. I have stumbled upon them while searching for the Portuguese learning resources, and I was pleased to discover more languages. The JLU Free Language Courses If you point your browser to the JLU’s address you will open a page with the following language courses: Albanian, Belarusan, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin, Czech, Dari, Dutch, Egyptian Arabic, […]

  • Addressing and Ending: Formal Letters in the English language

    How to start or end formal letter in English? How to address a person if you know the name or the title? Here are the tips adapted from Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Practice grammar and solve English language tests. It’s free. Beginning and salutation in formal letters If you are writing to someone whose name you […]

  • English Business Letter Generator

    Here is an interesting page on that generates business letter in English. I have found it by chance, and tried it out. If you visit the page, you will see the following templates from which you can choose: Invoice or Overdue Notice Dispatch Note and Acknowledgment Receipt Order Information Offer, and Enquiry After the […]