Category: Language software

  • Checking Praat’s TextGrids in Python

    A TextGrid file contains data about intervals, segments, times etc. of the corresponding signal file (audio in wav, mp3, aif…). Because grids are in plain-text  – they can be analysed / checked / extracted  automatically, or parsed. In case you are a linguist/phonetician you might be using Praat, a small, but very powerful, programme for […]

  • FONRYE English Dictionary: Phonetic and Syllable Search

    It’s not always possible to find a good searchable phonetic dictionary. That is why I created a free and open source program that searches phonetically transcribed words and filters the results against some basic rules. It uses BEEP and Moby Hyphenator II sources. Download: FONRYE 0.3.3 (2.2 MB) In this post: why phonetic dictionary search, […]

  • Formant synthesis application

    Jonas Beskow at the Centre for Speech Technology KTH Stockholm wrote free Formant Synthesis Demo computer programme that runs on Windows and Linux (and on any other OS for which the application can be compiled from the open source code the author kindly uploaded). The programme synthesises F1, F2, F3 and F4 formants from several sources […]