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  • Correcting Wordfast and Wordbee XLIFF locale code error

    Correcting Wordfast and Wordbee XLIFF locale code error

    If you export files from Wordbee platform and then try importing them into Wordfast Pro, the latter might report the following error: “Error converting .xlf. … Reason: Invalid locale code”. If this happens, you will need to edit the files manually. Locate your XLIFF file and open it in a text editor. It has to be […]

  • SNTRecorder – A tool to assist speakers in corpus recording

    The purpose of SNTRecorder is to assist in corpus recording. It was written to make speakers feel easier during the recording process, by allowing them to choose they own pace in pronunciation, but again not allowing sentences to be read too fast. Written in Python, with interface created in Tkinter (Tcl/Tk), it is a multiplatform […]

  • Phonetics R, Praat code in GPL3, Paper and Data to Download

    This posts brings R, Praat and Python code I used to write my Phonetics MA paper, as well as the paper itself to download, plus the acquired data. I won’t go into too many details about the downloads, but I will note that I hope they will be of some use to people searching for […]