Category: Grammar

  • Impressive, free (and dated) JLU’s language learning resourcess

    The Joint Language University (JLU) provides free downloadable language courses. I have stumbled upon them while searching for the Portuguese learning resources, and I was pleased to discover more languages. The JLU Free Language Courses If you point your browser to the JLU’s address you will open a page with the following language courses: Albanian, Belarusan, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin, Czech, Dari, Dutch, Egyptian Arabic, […]

  • Asking questions with the verb “mean”

    Asking questions with “mean” can be confusing. Let’s dive into the explanations. Question form with ‘mean’ This is how you construct a question with the verb mean: – What does ‘auxiliary’ mean? Don’t use: What means ‘auxiliary’? Preposition ‘by’ in questions with ‘mean’ If you form a sentence like “What do you mean by ‘auxiliary’?” you […]

  • Grammar: will have + past participle

    Construction of will have and past participle is rather interesting. It is used to “express certainty or confidence about the past” (Swan 622). Examples of will have and past participle A student is given this sentence to rephrase by using WILL  (taken from Spotlight on CAE): Paul said he would call April to tell her he’s not […]