Author: Romeo Mlinar

  • What technical writers want you to know

    What technical writers want you to know

    The article is based on interesting things I noticed on my daily job, working as a technical writer in an engineering department. Read the full story What Technical Writers Want You to Know. Your technical writing team is on a never-ending mission to gather, organize, and present information for diverse readers. This is a challenge […]

  • Impressive, free (and dated) JLU’s language learning resourcess

    The Joint Language University (JLU) provides free downloadable language courses. I have stumbled upon them while searching for the Portuguese learning resources, and I was pleased to discover more languages. The JLU Free Language Courses If you point your browser to the JLU’s address you will open a page with the following language courses: Albanian, Belarusan, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin, Czech, Dari, Dutch, Egyptian Arabic, […]

  • How to pronounce “th”

    For THIN /θɪn/ Put the tip of your tongue slightly out between your upper teeth. Put your hand on your larynx (in a sec we’ll see why). Practice just passing the air current and saying “ssssss”. Since this sound is voiceless, you should not feel vibrations on your hand. Now, while still “biting” your tongue […]